General Updates: COVID-19


As of today, the following states have declared a “Shelter in Place” order:


The following states have partial “Shelter In Place”:



UPDATE FROM UPS FREIGHT:  3/27/20 - UPS® Service Guarantees Suspended



UPS® is committed to operating globally, except where constrained by government restrictions. The Novel Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented complexities, which have required us to constantly reassess our operations. Our highest priority is to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Suspension of Small Package Service Guarantee

Effective March 26, 2020 and until further notice, we have suspended the UPS Service Guarantee for all shipments to any destination, at all service levels.  As the effects of the Coronavirus impact our infrastructure, we will continue to seek guidance from local and national government entities regarding applicable regulations.  Please continue to visit's Coronavirus web page for the most up-to-date information regarding the impact of Coronavirus on UPS Small Package services. The UPS Service Guarantee is subject to change. For further details, see the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service.

Prior to shipping Small Package, please check to see if your recipient’s location is open, since business hours may have changed due to local restrictions. If the location is closed, we will hold your Small Package shipment and attempt to complete the delivery at a later date if the receiving location has indicated to UPS that it will reopen within 9 days.  However, if the location is closed indefinitely, UPS will return the package to the sender.

For your convenience with Small Package services, The UPS Store® and UPS Access Point® locations can provide access to your vital deliveries.  Also, you can sign up for free UPS My Choice® service which enables you to provide more specific delivery instructions such as where to leave deliveries, or redirect deliveries to another location, and also provides you with the ability to receive delivery notifications.

 Suspension of UPS Freight® Service Guarantee

In addition, effective March 27, 2020 and until further notice, UPS Freight’s Service Guarantee for all Less Than Truckload services from and to all locations is suspended, with the exception of UPS Freight Urgent Services. Please continue to visit the UPS Freight website for the most up-to-date information regarding the impact of Coronavirus on UPS Freight services. Service guarantees are subject to change. For further details, see the UPS Freight LTL Rules Tariff.

Suspension of North American Air Freight Service Guarantee

Finally, effective March 25, 2020, and until further notice, the UPS Service Guarantee is suspended for all North American Air Freight services. Please continue to visit the UPS Supply Chain Solutions® website for the most up-to-date information regarding the impact of Coronavirus on UPS Air Freight services. Service guarantees are subject to change. For further details, see the UPS Air Freight Terms and Conditions of Contract.




Given our current national circumstances, you may have customers with time sensitive shipments.  Estes Express, a FEMA affiliated carrier, is operating at 100% of operations at present, and providing service to the best of our abilities.  We understand consignees are closed in some cases, and have put processes in place to notify and handle.  We also have implemented procedures to insure safety and social distancing among our drivers with the consignees, as well as internally among our personnel.  We have significantly increased our sanitation processes and frequency at our facilities.

Most importantly, we’re here to assist.  Please let us know how we can help, and we will do our best to deliver the services and reliability you have come to expect from Estes.

Here is some updated info on Estes Time-Critical Guaranteed Services:


Time-Critical and Guaranteed Services - YRCW Update (3/25/20)

 As the current business climate is unpredictable and constantly changing, communities are increasingly issuing “stay home” orders, and some businesses are temporarily shut down. Due to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, YRCW companies have suspended reimbursement for service failures on both Guaranteed and Time-Critical shipments picked up on or after Wednesday, March 25, 2020 and through a to-be-determined date. Our Tariff 100 rules also are updated to reflect this change and can be found on each of our carrier websites. 

We will continue to offer Time-Critical and Guaranteed services throughout the time period and will monitor for reinstatement of our guarantee at a prudent time. We do not expect our Time-Critical/Guaranteed shipments to experience any disruption, and we’ll continue monitoring these shipments to receive additional operational priority. Time-Critical and Guaranteed shipments will also continue to move with the same high priority within our network as always. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change and appreciate your business, especially in these challenging times. Please reach out to your Account Executive if you have additional questions or for information on tracking status of Time-Critical or Guaranteed shipments.




As of today, the following states have declared a “Shelter in Place” order:


The following states have partial “Shelter In Place”:







Dear Dayton Freight Customers,

Dayton Freight is open and operating! Different states have issued business closures that are classified as non-essential or non-life sustaining. Dayton Freight is an essential, life-sustaining business and will continue to operate as normal. The states currently effected in our core 14 state area include Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and parts of Missouri.

Outside our core area we are working with our trusted Strategic Partners who are also open and operating. We will continue to assist you with any freight moving to or from the states and provinces they serve. If you have a need for expedite or truckload, you can count on DFX and DFT. We are here to help you with any of your shipping needs.

In the last few weeks, we have all experienced many difficult decisions. Dayton Freight used good judgement when making these decisions for the health and safety of our employees and customers. We understand these times bring a lot of uncertainties, and our goal is to continue to transport your freight. In order to do this, we ask that you honor the following:

·         Please call the consignee before scheduling a shipment with us to make sure they are open. This is very important and will help operations continue to run smoothly.

·         If we cannot deliver due to the consignee being closed, we will have to return your shipment and a charge will occur.

·         Due to our capacity limitations, we cannot store freight until the ban is lifted. It’s very important that the shipper is aware of this restraint.

We apologize if the bullet points above seem too direct but we MUST keep our operations running smoothly to better serve you! Your cooperation with these instructions will help us achieve this goal. This is crucial for the success of our business and yours! 

We understand our role is to keep the supply chain moving and we take this very seriously. Dayton Freight continues to educate our employees, while taking extra measures to prevent the spread of this virus. For more information, and the most recent updates, please visit Thank you for your cooperation during this challenging time and thank you for all the support you give Dayton Freight – we truly appreciate you.



Anthony Rocco
Chief Operating Officer
Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.






So far, CA, IL, NY & PA have declared a “Shelter in Place” order. They each define this differently regarding what businesses can stay open. We suggest our customers check with their customers in these states in case they are affected.



San Francisco Bay Area (Salinas CA, San Jose CA, and San Francisco CA)

Multiple points in the San Francisco Bay area of California are currently observing a “Shelter in Place” order due to COVID-19.  Consequently, our research indicates that only a small percentage of the businesses in these areas are open and receiving shipments. 

 Unlike many other carriers, we have not embargoed shipments to or from these areas nor do we have plans to do so.  However, in an effort to avoid placing shipments on hand and before tendering them to us, we respectfully request that you confirm with your customers that they are open and receiving shipments.

 We will deliver to EVERY customer that is open for business and receiving shipments.  

 We are fully operational and ready to serve, please let us know how we can best meet your requirements.

 Please see the attached list of our Service Centers and the zip codes they service:

 San Francisco CA

San Jose CA

Salinas CA



UPDATE FROM YRCW:  3/20/20 - San Francisco Bay Area Plans

We wanted to share some important information surrounding shipments delivering to the San Francisco Bay area. Please carefully read the following and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. As we receive additional information or updates, we will let you know. 

We are aware several states, counties, cities and other localities are establishing quarantines, curfews and other prohibitions. We have reviewed the first group of these restrictions and, typically, they do not cover the movement of interstate freight or interfere with our local freight operations. As a coast-to-coast interstate carrier, we have asked the United States Department of Transportation to monitor these restrictions and, if appropriate, take action to ensure there are no impediments to interstate commerce. 

YRCW companies are considered “essential” business – we remain open and able to operate within all states, with the following exceptions, which we continue to monitor and update:

·         As of Thursday, March 19, YRC Freight and Reddaway are operating under restricted delivery services in the San Francisco Bay area. While a major competitor has embargoed freight to/from the Bay area, our network can service current customers in these zip codes. We will accept inbound freight business, subject to conditions* and with our best faith effort to deliver freight on time. While YRC Freight and Reddaway continue to accept time-critical and guaranteed deliveries for the Bay area, we can’t honor the time-critical guarantee parameters until further notice. We are implementing operational strategies as we continue to move freight under very challenging business conditions, with many closures in the Bay area.


*We are asking that our partners limit the freight we get into Northern California to meet these parameters.  Conditions:

·         We are going to great lengths to provide service in this difficult market.  We want to protect our existing customers and are asking that we are not tendered shipments for customers that will not be long-term YRC Worldwide partners.

·         To cover the many additional costs we are incurring to maintain service in this market, we’d prefer shipments be subject to California Compliance Surcharge and High Cost Delivery charges in our T-100.  These are being modified today:

o   California Compliance Surcharge will raise to $9.95 for YRCF and RETL.

o   YRCF: Adding a $20 increase to the existing High Cost Delivery charges to the three YRC Freight terminals and adding a new $20 HCDA charge to all zips not currently covered.

o   RETL: Adding a $20 increase to the SF Metro charge and adding a new High Cost Delivery charge of $20 charge to all zips not currently covered.

·         The California Compliance Surcharge and High Cost Delivery changes do apply to the 8TP500 Blanket program.

·         If you currently have a contracted pricing agreement with reduced or waived California Compliance Surcharge or High Cost Delivery area, those reductions/waivers will not change at this time. 




The Canada/U.S. border is open for commercial border traffic. 

Effective Wednesday March 18th Canada will be closing its borders to most non-citizen and non-permanent residents.  This increased measure will not affect commerce or trade, U.S. Citizens, diplomats or airline crews.  Due to integration between Canada and the U.S., it has been clarified by the Provincial Health Office, Canada Border Service Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection that cross border trucking is an essential service.  

There are some delays due to questions being asked by Canada and U.S. Customs relating to health with the drivers.   There is also construction at several of the border crossings which is adding to delay (we are talking about delays of minimal time…maybe an hour longer).



YRCW: COVID-19 Response and Preparedness

YRCW conducts daily leadership meetings and continues to review established contingency and emergency preparedness plans to prioritize the health and safety of all employees and to maintain customer service.


•Currently, there are no COVID-19-related delays or disruptions across our freight network. YRCW’s role in the North American supply chain is critical, especially now. We remain dedicated to servicing our customers and keeping essential freight and medical supplies moving across North America. YRCW is prepared to support any freight shipment or network disruption challenge, especially where we can assist in transporting critical supplies to customers.

•We continue closely monitoring COVID-19 updates and news to address questions/concerns and to plan accordingly from a business continuity standpoint. YRCW’s network remains very strong and flexible. In the event of any emergency response initiative, we can shift supply chain patterns to ensure we meet customers’ needs, while continuing to prioritize the health and safety of our employees.

•We continue to monitor the latest updates and information across the CDC, NIH, WHO and Health Canada, and will address questions/concerns accordingly related to the health and safety of YRCW employees and business continuity.

•Infrastructure, including duplicate customer service centers and other contingencies, allow us to continue customer service support in the event of any emergency response.

•Based upon the recommendations from official health organizations, we have suspended all visitors to the YRCW Field Resource Center (Overland Park, KS), Holland corporate office (Holland, MI) and Reddaway corporate office (Tualatin, OR).

•In accordance with CDC guidelines on social distancing, YRCW has suspended all mission critical travel and postponed large-group meetings. Instead, we will continue to conduct business, shifting interactions to digital platforms or telephone. While we plan for a shift in in-person customer communications for now, we are not reducing customer contact.

•The U.S. and Canadian governments see YRCW as an essential carrier and are not stopping any cross-border operations. YRCW drivers from Canada and U.S. origins are crossing as normal day-to-day business. We have seen few delays; however, Customs on both sides of the border is keeping commerce flowing for commercial trucks.

•As a coast-to-coast interstate carrier, we have asked the United States Department of Transportation to monitor state and other travel restrictions and, if appropriate, take action to ensure there are no impediments to interstate commerce.

•The trucking industry is the backbone of the American economy, and YRCW continues to serve the North American supply chain, delivering goods –especially critical and urgently-needed items –to our customers.


Following are steps YRCW is taking to ensure the health and safety of all employees and to continue servicing our customers. We continue to update this information as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Weekly email to all YRCW employees to address key information:

•Communicate safety/health tips to prevent the spread of illness and exposure to COVID-19

•Share official health organizations’ latest updates on COVID-19

•Increase awareness of COVID-19 symptoms

•Remind anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or feeling ill to stay home and to contact their supervisor

•Maintain hygiene/health supplies across offices and terminals for employees’ use


Employee screening per CDC advisories:

•Screening employees who, in the past 14 days, have traveled to or been in contact with anyone traveling from China, Iran, South Korea, Hong Kong, Europe, and the U.K. and Ireland

•As of today, these countries are listed on the CDC website as locations with widespread sustained transmission of COVID-19.


Maintaining open two-way communication:

•Directing employees to a dedicated internal email address for COVID-19-related questions, concerns and external requests

•Encouraging increased communication between managers and teams to share company communications on COVID-19


Timely response to customers’ questions and concerns:

•Compliance with pick-up/drop-off driver request forms

•Addressing customer questions and needs related to timely freight shipment of goods and in accordance with CDC and other official health organizations’ guidelines for health, safety and mitigation of COVID-19 exposure

•Suspending travel and in-person meetings to shift interactions to digital or phone contact


Adhering to CDC-recommended social distancing:

•Recommending all managers consider options to limit the size of pre-shifts/meetings to allow for the social distancing recommendations as outlined by the CDC, the White House and official health organizations

•Encouraging meetings to occur via digital platforms or telephone; limiting in-person meetings to mission-critical and with very limited group sizes


Customers or external parties with questions, please contact [email protected] .



Estes Express: COVID-19 Response and Preparedness


To help protect the health and safety of Estes teammates, we are following CDC recommendations regarding social distancing wherever possible. To protect both drivers and customers from unnecessary contact, we’ve made temporary changes to our residential delivery process.

Effective Monday, March 23, there will be NO deliveries made inside of residences. We will instead deliver shipments to the porch, at the front door, in the garage, on the driveway, or at the curbside, wherever applicable.

New Process for Calls and Scheduling

1.       Notify the consignee about their shipment’s upcoming delivery.

2.       Advise the consignee of the date we will deliver the shipment to their residence.

3.       Advise the consignee that they are not required to sign for delivery. At delivery, the driver takes three photos: one that shows the shipment’s delivery location, and two photos from opposite corners that depict the shipment’s condition at delivery.

4.       Email the photos, with the PRO number in the subject line, to the terminal manager.

5.       NO INSIDE DELIVERY, white glove, or two-man white glove service is available at this time. Deliveries will be made to the porch only.


Please see your terminal manager if you have questions or concerns about this new residential delivery process. We appreciate your continued patience and support during these unprecedented times.

·         PRO level or operational (pickups, deliveries, appointments) requests, contact  the local Origin/Destination Terminals ( or Corporate Customer Care at [email protected] or (804)353-1900 ext 2500.

·         Claims: [email protected]